The Trans-Siberiano came about as a fusion between passion for travel on this world famous Railroad and desire to share a "know-how" of doing it in the best posible way. We create all the trips tailor-made matching your needs and preferences while we also offer a few group departures a year for those who like to share their experiences with the others. Read more to know Why Trans-Siberiano?


Trans-Siberiano has been created to make your dream of travelling the famous Trans-Siberian Railway a reality. We provide a handful of proved and tested itineraries to choose from and if you don't find the one that interests you, we will create your own perfect journey. All the itineraries on the website can be modified and adjusted and that is where lies our strength and advantage. Our success comes from the mixture of specializing in one area, working only with reliable and efficient local partners, sourcing the rail and hotel services with the providers and offering flexibility not found in less specilized companies. Ask us about your Trans-Siberian adventure or read more to find out what we offer and why travel with us



I was born in Santiago de Chile, I have been traveling since I was a child, first exploring the amazing landscapes of my country and then countries on five continents. It was on one of those trips that I fulfilled my dream to travel the full length of the Trans-Mongolian railway from Beijing to St. Petersburg, staying a couple of weeks in Mongolia. I share this with you because after having discovered those places, I felt the need to share the excitement and enrichment that brings the completion of this journey. Everyone who has ever dreamed of doing this trip, can do it without fear. Not only is possible, but is affordable and comfortable. It is by far the best railway trip in the world where you will see so different things from countries, people, cultures and landscapes; memorable views, friendly people, incredible food and markets and a few weeks that will last a lifetime in your heart. Travel is the best investment in yourself that can be done, the memories and experiences are for Life. This is how I do, whenever I want I can close my eyes and picture some of the incredible places I´ve been like the Gobi Desert or the Baikal Lake; Ekaterinburg train station, or standing on the Red Square watching the Kremlin; or maybe walking hours in The Forbidden City in Beijing or in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg; maybe this time I will remember riding a horse where Genghis Khan rode his army. If you have any question you can send me an email to camilo@trans-siberiano.com



I come from a small town in Siberia. Of course, everyone thinks that Siberia is always cold but the truth is that we have hot summers and really cold long winters. The extreme weather shapes our characters. Just read Dostoevsky to see that!
Many russian stereotypes are only half-true but we'll talk about that later.
Before starting my own Trans-Siberian project I have travelled this famous railroad over 20 times. I had an amazing opportunity to explore some wonderful cities and faraway countries: St Petersburg to Beijing across Gobi desert or Moscow to Vladivostok through the biggest country in the world.
Famous Silk Road from Xian in China to Istanbul in Turkey were a part of my travels as well. "The Stans" and Caucasus showed me their unparalleled hospitality. The country of two continents and million cultures, Turkey, has become one of the favourites.
We created the "Transiberiano" to share our passion for this incredible journey. If it is the journey you always wanted to make, now you can.
If you want to ask me more about travels on the Trans-Siberian Railway and in Central Asia, please write to: sveta@trans-siberiano.com.