Why travel with Trans-Siberiano?

To start with, we are not selling a trip, we are making your DREAM come TRUE.


The Trans-Siberian Railway is an iconic journey and if you have been thinking about doing it, but don't know where to start, just drop us a line and we'll give you a few ideas. There are few more practical reasons why travel with us:


1. We know the places, countries, trains, hotels, sites; whether its worth stopping or it's better to give it a miss.

2. We have ridden the trains and have been to all the places personally a number of times; therefore something that you may spend hours researching online, we know from the top of head.

3. The journey we offer is prepared for you. There is no "one size fits all" policy and you can actively participate in creating your journey.

4. We offer trips for individual travellers, you won't need to wait for the group to fill up or choose for the specific departure date. You can travel all year round and your trip is only limited to your imagination (and sometimes train timetable).

5. We have contracted great hotel rates that are overall lower than the average rate you can get online or directly with the hotel.

6. Booking the Russian train in advance is a difficult mission. The website is in Russian and if you wait to buy it when you get there, you run a risk to spend hours in the train station trying to explain what you want to Russian/ Chinese/ Mongolian cashier who speaks no English.

7. We love the countries where we take you and we like the train journeys. So we want to make it possible for you to fulfil your dream.

If Trans-Siberian Railway is your dream, we know how to make it a reality.