Trans-Mongolian Journey

The Trans-Mongolian Railway stretches for over 7000 kilometres across Russia, Mongolia and China. This journey is full of contrasts. The three countries have such distinctive cultures that its hard to believe that they are separated only by border. There is beauty, excitement, discovery, local encounters and everything that makes travelling an unforgettable life experience.

From US$ 3975 per person**

*Price is per person sharing a double / twin room, including services as listed in the itinerary.

*The standard of this journey is "Comfort", it includes 3-star hotels, second class on the train, all transfers. Upgrades are possible.

*The below itinerary can be travelled any time of the year, it doesn't require minimum number of passengers, is suitable for most ages and can be modified to suit travelers' needs in respect of accommodation, inclusions, number of travelers, number of stops along the way.

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TRANS-MONGOLIAN RAILWAY (Russia, Mongolia, China)

21 days, 7856 km

Saint Petersburg - Beijing or Beijing - Saint Petersburg (map)


Day 1. Arrival in Saint Petersburg. Transfer to the hotel. Free afternoon to rest after flight. Accommodation tonight is at one of the centrally located St Petersburg hotels.

Day 2.  St Petersburg.  Your journey starts in the cultural capital of Russia: Saint Petersburg boasts thousands of museums and its streets have unparalleled elegance. For its many canals it is often called "Venice of the North". There is no lack of sightseeing and we have included the very must sees in your stay - private city tour with the guide which will give you a chance to get familiar with the city and with its fascinating history.


Day 3.  St Petersburg. After breakfast we continue sightseeing by visiting one of the world’s greatest museums - The Hermitage, hosted in the former Tzar residence - Winter Palace. Millions of pieces of art and hundreds of rooms are hard to manage without a help of a specialist. You will have a 3 - hour guided tour during which you can see incredible masterpieces: Leonardo Da Vinci, Titian, Rembrandt, Raphael and many more.
As you are in the cultural capital, check out what's on the playlist, depending on the season and your preference, we can arrange a music concert, ballet or opera or a Folk Dance Show. Check the Optional Sightseeing list in the end of the itinerary to learn more about what else we can organise for you. In the evening we transfer you to the train station to board an overnight train to Moscow. (Optionally you can travel by the fast train "Sapsan" that covers a 800 km distance between St Petersburg and Moscow in only 3.5 hours, in this case you will need extra night accommodation in Moscow)


Day 4. Moscow. Wake up with a smile: you are in Moscow, capital of the biggest country in the world! After arrival in Moscow your guide will meet you at the carriage, and take you for a 3 hour Panorama City Tour during which you will see impressive sights of modern and historical Moscow: Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, The Victory Park, Moscow University. Moscow boasts some incredible views and our city tour will give you a chance to get to know the highlights. The guide will drop you in your hotel and help you plan the rest of your day. You can also see the list of optional activities in Moscow. 


Day 5. Moscow. Get ready for a great day! Featured in so many movies and the real symbols of the country - Red Square and Kremlin are in your agenda for today. Perhaps start your day with paying a visit to the Head of October Revolution - Lenin and continue to the political and historical heart of Russia - Kremlin. 
Red Square is an amazing ensemble of buildings and its cobblestones remember heavy steps of Ivan the Terrible. And by the way, it is called “RED” because it means beautiful in old russian and the name has nothing to do with the communism.
Enjoy your afternoon at leisure and in the evening you will be transferred to the train station to start your first train journey on the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway! (departure at 00:35)


Day 6. On the Trans-Siberian Train. Wake up to the sound of rail tracks and with a view of endless russian forest passing by in the window. You are heading to the Ural mountains: natural border that separates two continents: Europe and Asia. The day will pass quickly in reading, talking to your neighbours and socialising in the dining car which is a centre of life on the train.


Day 7. Ekaterinburg. Today In the morning the train will pull into the Ekaterinburg train station. The city was founded during the times of Peter the great and named after his second wife Catherine the first. It is a big industrial centre of the region and it has also entered history as the place of assassination of the last Russian tsar Nicholas and his family. Your city tour today is prepared in the USSR theme and will give you a chance to become familiar with some great stories that have become legends. Complete your experience with the tasty dinner at the traditional Russian restaurant.


Day 8. Ekaterinburg. Enjoy your day at leisure or embark on the journey to the border for which you don't need passport and which to cross will take you less then a second: border between Europe and Asia! Scientist confirmed that this area near Ekaterinburg is where two continental platforms meet (Optional). In the evening we will transfer you to the train station for the next leg of your Trans- Siberian railway.


Day 9-10. On the Trans-Siberian Train. Back on the train! You are now familiar with the routine and can relax and enjoy the ride. This part of the journey will amaze you with some giant Russian rivers: some so wide that you need a few minutes to cross! The train will glide passing by small towns, bigger cities and large valleys and will get into Irkutsk a couple of days later almost definitely on time.


Day 11. Welcome to Irkutsk! This Siberian city was founded by the cossacks in the 17th century and is known as the Paris of Siberia. Irkutsk is the gateway to the worlds largest freshwater lake in the world - Baikal. Upon arrival your local guide will transfer you to the shoreside village of Listvyanka where you will have a chance to learn more about this magnificent lake. Tonight's accommodation is in the traditional wooden chalet and you can also try "banya" - hot bath well known for its relaxing purposes.


Day 12. Listvyanka. After a hearty breakfast, continue to discover that perhaps Siberia is not only cold and snow. You can visit an open air architectural museum (optional) which was created in the 50's to preserve examples of the early Siberian architecture which otherwise would have been lost to the flood. Tonight you have a tasty siberian dinner included with your stay in the chalet.


Day 13. Transfer back to Irkutsk. Upon return back to Irkutsk we embark on the walking tour around the city centre (by car - optional). Irkutsk has preserved some fine examples of wooden architecture and the later mansions of the 19th century make it for a pleasant visit. At night you will board the train that will take you to Mongolia.


Day 14. Russia - Mongolia Border. The first border crossing today! This is a long process, but it is definitely a part of the experience. The small border town of Naushki comes to life with the arrival of train and slips down to its quiet existence after train departs. Don't be daunted by the serious looking border officials, with our information support you will be fine.


Day 15. Mongolia! It will greet you with wide open steppe and grazing camels. Early in the morning the train will stop in Ulan-Bator - fast growing Mongolian capital. You can exlore free or opt for a guided tour of this hectic city which is loyal to the nomad spirit of it habitants. The glass skyscrapers neighbor here traditional Mongolian gers and the elderly still wear their long colorful dels while the youngsters swapped to jeans. At night you can relax over dinner of Mongolian BBQ or watch a cultural performance (optional).


Day 16. Yurt Stay. Get out of the city today to the Mongolian steppe and visit a beautiful National Park an hour and half drive from Ulan-Bator. You will stay in the real Mongolian yurt (ger) but we have ensured that your first experience is as comfortable as possible. During your time in the Park you can ride a horse (Optional), visit a local family, hike around or just relax and enjoy the amazing scenery.


Day 17. Return to Ulan-Bator. Return back to the capital and take the rest of the day to explore the sights it has to offer: the Soviet monument on the top of the hill, the oldest monastery of the country - Gandaan Hiid or take advantage of the deals in cashmere stores: Mongolia is one of the main producers of this fine fabric. Night in a centrally located Hotel.


Day 18. Train to China. This morning we start early. Transfer to the train station to settle in for the last train trip of this journey. You are now riding the Trans-Mongolian railway - the branch that crosses the Gobi desert. Gobi is a different desert, it is covered with short grass which allows Mongolian nomads to live here. Tonight we reach Chinese border. As the railway tracks in Mongolia and China are of different widths, the wheels of the entire train will be changed! That's something that you don't see everyday! A little more and we are in the neon-shining China!


Day 19. Arrival in Beijing. The train will go through a dozen of tunnels and the arid scenery of Mongolia is changed by the agricultural landscapes of rural China. Arrival in Beijing and transfer to the hotel in the afternoon. Tonight you can try Chinese hot pot or a Peking Duck or explore the town, you have a free evening.


Day 20. Beijing and the Great Wall of China.  Beijing is both modern and traditional. The 2008 Olympics have changed the face of the city. Visit Tiananmen Square and the Palace of 9999 rooms - the Forbidden City (Optional). We will take you for a day to the Great Wall of China which was meant to protect the country from the nomadic tribes. This however didn't stop Genghis Khan from conquering it in the 13 century. The wall stretches for over 6000 km and during our visit today we will have a chance to walk a small fraction of it.

You can complete your journey with the performance of the Chinese acrobats: an unforgettable spectacle of strength and aesthetic beauty. (Optional)


Day 21. Extend your stay in Beijing and / or to other cities in China / Central Asia. Today however our Trans-Mongolian Adventure comes to an end.

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Accommodation in centrally located 3* hotels in St Petersburg, Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Ulan-Bator and Beijing. The exact list of accommodations will be provided to you with your quotation;
1 night stay at the ger in the National Park in Mongolia. Shared facilities;
2 nights at the wooden chalet in Listvyanka, Siberia;
9 nights at the 4-berth (2 class) compartment on the train;
Airport and train stations arrival and departure transfers as listed in the itinerary;
Sightseeing program with English Speaking local guide according to the itinerary* (local guide with other languages can be included);
Meals as per itinerary (14 breakfasts, 2 dinners);
Information on visa processing, visa invitation letters and support.



Airline tickets;
Expenses that are not listed in the itinerary;
Meals on the train.


Itinerary at a glance:


Day 1. Arrive St Petersburg.
Day 2. St Petersburg. City Tour.
Day 3. St Petersburg. Visit to Hermitage Museum. Departure to Moscow by night train.
Day 4. Moscow. City Tour.
Day 5. Moscow. Visit to Red Square and Kremlin. Departure to Ekaterinburg.
Day 6. Train to Ekaterinburg.
Day 7. Arrival in Ekaterinburg. City Tour.
Day 8. Ekaterinburg. Evening departure to Irkutsk.
Day 9. Train to Irkutsk
Day 10. Train to Irkutsk
Day 11. Arrival in Irkutsk. Transfer to Lake Baikal (Listvyanka)
Day 12. Lake Baikal (Listvyanka). Free day in Listvyanka. 
Day 13. Return to Irkutsk, City Tour and train to Mongolia.
Day 14. Train to Ulan-Bator. Border crossing.
Day 15. Arrival in Ulan-Bator.
Day 16. Ger camp
Day 17. Return to Ulan-Bator.
Day 18. Departure to Beijing.
Day 19. Arrival in Beijing.
Day 20. Beijing. Visit to Great Wall.
Day 21. Beijing and end of the tour.

Included sightseeing

St Petersburg: Private 3-hour city tour by car, walking tour of The Hermitage.

Moscow: Private city tour by car, Red Square, Kremlin (Armoury not included).

Ekaterinburg: City tour OR Quest Tour "Back to the USSR"

Irkutsk: Walking City Tour 

Mongolia: 2 day/ 1 night excursion to the ger camp with stay in the yurt.

Beijing: Mutinyu Great Wall.



Countries Visited: Russia, Mongolia, China

To travel on the Trans-Mongolian Railway, depending on your nationality you will need three visas: Russian, Mongolian and Chinese.

All the necessary suport letters will be provided by the Trans-Siberiano when you travel on our tours. 

We don't provide the visa service without booking of the travel services.

Contact us if you have any doubts about visas.

Travel notes


Optional Excursions and Sightseeing for the Trans-Mongolian Railway:




• The fountains of Peterhoff and Summer Palace of the Russian Emperors;

• Catherine Palace and famous Amber Room;

• The birthplace of St Petersburg: Peter and Paul Fortress;

• St Isaac Cathedral and Church on Spilt Blood;

• Tour of the Yusupov Palace and Rasputin Room

•  Ballet or Opera in one of the famous St Petersburg Theatre Mariinsky or Aleksandriinsky

•  Visit in your free time with the audio guide: House-Museum of Pushkin and House-Museum of Dostoevsky.

• Recommended for all: Folkloric Dance Show "Feel Yourself Russian" taking place in the Palace. During the intermission you will enjoy Russian style finger food with salmon and caviar! 




• Guided visit to the Tretyakov Gallery which is the main museum of Russian Art;

• The Armory Chamber and / or Diamond Fund - add a visit to these famous treasuries during your tour of Kremlin;

• Bunker-42. Interactive museum from the Cold War, it is hidden 65 meters under the ground in the centre of Moscow;

• Pushkin Museum. Incredibly rich collection of french impressionists;

• Ballet or Opera in Bolshoi Theatre; 

• Moscow Circus;

• Guided visit to the Novodevichy Convent and the adjacent cemetery which is the last resort of many famous russians: Mayakovsky, Khruschev, Tupolev and most recently Yeltsin among others.




The city is located in the Ural Mountains thus giving the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor activities and rural tourism. It is also on the border between Europe and Asia and you can have one foot in each continent at the same time!


• Visit to the Europe-Asia Monument;

• Guided tour to the Romanov Monastery, built on the spot where the remnants of the Tzar Family were found;

• Day trip on the Ural Mountain River with a kayak;

• Horse-riding in the Ural Mountains;

• Light trekking in the Ural Mountains;

• Rafting in the river of the Ural Mountains;

• Stay in the russian countryside and learn about the rural lifestyle;

• In winter go on an adventure with the sledding dogs.





• Irkutsk: Guided visit to Decembrists' Museum or the Museum of Regional Studies;

• Day trip to Ust-Orda and Shaman Ceremony;

• Take a tour around Listvyanka, visiting the view point over the lake and the out-flowing Angara River, the Lake Baikal Museum and the sledding dogs kennel;

• Extend your visit to Olkhon Island, the magical place on Lake Baikal;

• Take a walk along the shore of the lake and visit the small town of Bolshie Koty where gold used to be sifted.




• Cultural Show of Mongolian dancing and singing, including famous mongolian throat singing;

• Visit the Cashmere factory;

• Take a day tour to the "Thirteen Century Park" that is created to remind of Mongolia's Golden Age. The main attraction of the Park is the giant statue of Genghis Khan which rises in the mongolian steppe. 

• Enrich your visit with a 3-day journey to the ancient capital of Mongolia - Kharkhorin, enjoying the unspoilt landscape, visiting ancient monastery and sacred sites,  and staying in mongolian gers dotting the beautiful landscape.




• Guided visit to the Temple of Heaven;

• The Acrobatic Show or Kung Fu Show;

• Visit to the Silk and Pearl markets doe shopping;

• Guided visit to the Lama Temple, the Bell and Drum towers and a hutong tour by rickshaw;

• Visits recommended and can be done on your own: Beijing Olympics Stadiums: Bird's Nest and Ice Cube

Ask us about train tickets from to other Chinese cities, we can help you book tickets to Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Huanshuan and other cities. We can also book tickets from different cities, not just Beijing.


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The Trans-Siberian is the longest railway in the world and the essence of this journey is to travel by train. As Russia is a VERY big country, the quality of railroads is paramount for the country´s economy. Russian railroads are like vital veins of the country and every year the quality of the steel infrastructure is getting better.

The train is very comfortable and - sorry to disappoint you - now has an electric engine and not a steam one. This, however, contributes to the average speed of 65-70 km per hour and a much ecologically friendly means of transport.

All the journeys include accommodation in the second class compartment with option to upgrade to the 1 class.
Second class has 4 bunk beds (2 upper ones and 2 lower ones) and a small table in the middle. There is storing space under the bunks which easily accommodates backpacks and average sized suitcases.
Each train carriage has a container with hot water which is called “samovar”. This allows to make tea, coffee and create numerous dishes with the instant noodles.



If you run out of supplies, there is dining car on the train and it serves few local dishes. Another option is to buy from old ladies (babushkas) when train makes a stop and there are kiosks on platforms where some food can be bought.
Each carriage has 9 compartments and there are 2 toilets for the passengers. There is water for freshening up and WC. As a rule, we say that travellers should be prepared to go without shower for the duration of their train journey however it is possible to ask your provodnitsa to use their shower facilities that they usually allow doing for a reasonable fee (approx. 4-5$).
All the bedding is provided on the train and passengers are not allowed to use sleeping bags.

The security on the train is good as well. Each carriage is accompanied by 2 attendants (provodnitsa) and they won't allow anyone on board without a ticket. It is not allowed to openly drink vodka on the train, and it is not sold on train platforms either. There is a brigade of police on each train and in case of emergency, doctor can be called by radio and will meet the train at the closest possible station.
Some of the newer trains now have Wi Fi as well but this can not be guaranteed.


Carro Comedor Tramo Mongolia

(restaurant car in Mongolian train)



During the visit to the national park in Mongolia you will have a chance to experience overnight stay in the mongolian ger. Ger is the name of the felt round dwelling of the mongolians. This ger can be dismantled in 1.5 hours! As half of the mongolian population still follow the nomad lifestyle, this feature comes very handy.
Inside of the ger you will find comfortable single beds with warm blankets. There is a little stove in the centre and in the evening the staff of the camp will make fire.
The stay is arranged in the tourist camp, so there is a place to order food and there are toilet and shower facilities at the site.
Staying at the ger will give you an opportunity to experience the lifestyle of the mongolian culture and enjoy the beautiful surroundings free of the city lights and street noises.



Traditionally houses in Siberia have been built from wood. Wooden buildings have very welcoming ambience and bring you closer to yourself.
On Lake Baikal we will stay in the challet built of siberian wood.
Simple but cosy, our siberian accommodation has ensuite facilities and the hostess will take a good care of your needs. Most rooms have lake view. We include dinner in the challet as well so you can try a local specialty prepared for you by the hostess.
One of the musts of your visit to Siberia is russian sauna “banya”. It used to be the only way peasants could relax and wash away the tiredness of hard working days. So it is meant to be awesome and relaxing! It is heated up with firewood which provides for a pleasant wooden smell. Once your body has softened, you´ve got to use birch branches and gently hit each other. No matter how scary it sounds, believe us - it feels great!



In cities we stay in 3-4* hotels. As we work based on individual requests we try to use accommodation that is rather small and centrally located. Where is deemed appropriate we also use international chains. If you have preference for specific accommodation please let us know. If we can not confirm accommodation listed as a part of your itinerary we will book a similar one, with the same rate and similar location.

Here are some images of the hotel in Saint Petersburg:




In Moscow there are different options, here are images of Hotel 4*:




Charming boutique centrally located hotel in Ekaterinburg:



The best way to enjoy the Siberian lake-side town is to stay in the WOODEN CHALLET in LISTVYANKA, SIBERIA



In Irkutsk you can choose to stay in 3 or 4* hotels, here images of




Mongolian capital has a range of hotels, one of the better ones is Chingghis, 4*.



See video